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Guide Specifications


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A. Site installation of the stretch ceiling system as required by contract documents.



A. Section 00000 – Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx; as to describe surface product is to be mounted to.


A. ASTM E84-98 – Tunnel Test
B. UPitt (NYS/NYC) – Combustion Toxicity Test
C. ASTM D1929-96 – Self Ignition/Flash Ignition
D. Fisher John Method – Melting Point
E. UBC 801-2 – Resistance at 300°F for 25 mins.
F. NFPA 701-99 – Flame Resistant Textiles and Films
G. MEA (NYC Dept. of Buildings) – Material and Equipment Acceptance Division
H. ASTM C423 – Acoustical Test


A. Performance Requirements:

  1. NEWMAT Stretch Ceiling Systems have a fire hazard rating of Class A/I when tested in accordance with ASTM E84-98, except for wood finishes, which have a Class B/II rating.
  2. Upon exposure to fire, the system did not produce products of decomposition or combustion that were more toxic than those given off by wood or paper when decomposing or burning under comparable conditions when tested in accordance with UPitt (NYS/NYC).
  3. The NEWMAT PVC membrane has a self ignition temperature of 842°F and a flash ignition of 770°F.
  4. The NEWMAT PVC membrane has a melting point of 331°F to 372°F.
  5. The NEWMAT PVC membrane did not become detached when exposed to 300°F for 25 minutes, regardless of the Newmat rail used, i.e., PVC or aluminum.
  6. When tested in accordance with NFPA 701, the NEWMAT PVC membrane in flat, vertical wall position did not flame more than 2 seconds after the test flame was removed. The char length did not exceed 41.3 inches when tested in folds, and no specimen had dripping portions that continue to flame for more than 2 seconds after reaching the floor.
  7. MEA No. 41-96-M.
  8. When tested in accordance with ASTM C423, the NEWMAT Stretch Ceiling Systems have obtained NRCs between .35 to 1.0 depending on the NEWMAT membrane, the type of mounting, and the type of acoustical backing.


A. Installer Qualifications:

1. The installation work of this section shall be performed by a NEWMAT licensed dealer.
2. Installer must have a current certificate of authorization and training from NEWMAT.


A. Manufacturer’s Product Data: Submit as may be required to show compliance with the contract documents.
B. Samples: Submit sample containing specific components (rail, membrane, harpoon) as specified for each area.
C. Installer Certification Certificate: Submit in writing to the owner through the general contractor.
D. Warranty Certificate: Submit from NEWMAT USA Ltd. and installer as required by contract documents.


A. Store all materials off the ground and protected from dirt and dust of construction operations.
B. Materials are to be acclimatized to installation conditions for forty-eight (48) hours prior to installation.
C. Handle all materials in a manner that will protect them from damage and soiling.
D. Do not store lacquer membranes for more than two (2) weeks or folding marks/imprints may not be able to be removed.


A. Manufacturer: NEWMAT S.A.S. provides a ten (10) year limited warranty against defects in materials and welds.
B. Installer: Installer provides a one (1) year, or as required by contract documents, limited warranty against defects in workmanship.



A. The stretch ceiling system shall consist of a custom fabricated ceiling membrane with concealed or visible profiles as distributed by NEWMAT USA Ltd., 81 Mahan Street, West Babylon, NY 11704; 631-261-1498 / 631-261-1756. www.newmatusa.com


A. Profiles:

  • Visible/Wall-Mounted/PVC: Classical, Elegance, Mini, or Crown Profile
  • Visible/Ceiling-Mounted/PVC: Mini Profile
  • Visible Wall-Mounted Aluminum Profile: Silhouette, or Alux Profile
  • Concealed/Wall- or Ceiling-Mounted: Ghost (PVC or Aluminum) or Mirage (PVC) Profile
  • Custom Aluminum profiles are available for specific applications
  • Separators/PVC: Double Classical Visible or Double Ghost Concealed Profile
  • Option A: All visible profiles can be matched in color/finish to ceiling membrane.
  • Option B: A decorative “cover” to complement design can be clipped onto the Elegance Profile.

(Note: Select rail detail from above choices to suit design; specify by name. Visit www.newmatusa.com for additional choices and detail drawings)

B. Ceiling Membrane/Aesthetic: A PVC ceiling membrane for each system will be custom fabricated according to exact field measurements.

  • NEWMAT: Monolithic ceiling membrane in over 100 colors/finishes including matte, satin, lacquer, marble, wood, metallic, leather, suede, speckled, sandy, patina, city light, metallic grid
  • NEW/LINE: Perforated ceiling membrane in various patterns/sizes of perforations and 44 colors in lacquer or matte finishes
  • NEW/ACOUSTIC: Patented Micro-perforated ceiling membrane U.S. Patent 7,059,089
  • NEW/GRAPHIC: Custom digital printing on membrane in 350 dpi
  • NEW/MESH: Architectural mesh (vinyl coated polyester mesh) ceiling membranes in 2 patterns and 17 colors
  • NEW/LIGHT: Translucent membrane in 7 colors for ceilings, walls, exhibits, 3-D designs, etc
  • NEW/MIRODAL: Pre Stretched ceiling panels in unlimited sizes and colors/finishes
  • NEW/BIOPRUF: Anti-bacterial ceiling membrane in 4 satin colors

(Note: Select color/finish from available choices to suit design; specify by
reference number – i.e., M15/ white matte; L1/ white lacquer.)

C. Ceiling Membrane/Technical:

  • Composition: Polyvinyl chloride
  • Dimensional Stability: From -20°F to 150°F
  • Thickness: Between 5 mil and 8 mil depending on membrane finish
  • Weight: Between .59 ounces to 1.05 ounces per sq. foot depending on membrane finish
  • Tensile Strength: Between 2,000 pounds and 2,500 pounds per sq. inch
  • Width: From 54″ to 84″, depending upon colors/finishes.

CAUTION: The membrane is like a diaphragm; it will react to the changes of pressure within the space, and/or the plenum. HVAC must be balanced in order to have the same pressure above and below the membrane. NEWMAT cannot be used if the space above the membrane is used as a return air plenum.

D. Harpoon:

  • A semi-rigid PVC harpoon (no need to specify; according to rail selection) is pre-welded onto the perimeter of each ceiling membrane.
  • Visible
  • Concealed
  • Mini

E. Rings:

PVC or Sintra reinforcement rings (circular, square, rectangular, etc.) are to be used for perforations through the membrane for lighting fixtures, sprinkler heads, HVAC registers, etc.

F. Option:

An acoustical material meeting the requirements of contract documents and/or acoustical engineer specifications can be installed above the NEWMAT ceiling membrane, such as semi-rigid or rigid fiberglass, mineral fiber panels, fire-retardant spray-on material, cellulose spray-on, etc. Acoustical material must be independently supported.



A. Examine the condition of the installation site for compliance to the preparatory conditions under which the work of this section must be performed.
B. Notify the general contractor or owner immediately of any unsatisfactory conditions. Do not proceed until such conditions have been corrected in a manner that enables a proper quality installation satisfactory to the installer.
C. Survey the installation site for exact field measurements for custom fabrication of the ceiling membrane.


A. Mounting surface shall be smooth and flat (taped if drywall and sealed) prior to installation of profiles.A. If blocking is required, blocking must be straight, level, and plumb. Furthermore all mounting surfaces and/or blocking must be able to withstand 30 pounds per linear foot of lateral tension for each layer of membrane.
B. The ceiling membrane shall not be installed until:

  1. the space has been enclosed and is weather-tight. In addition, an ambient temperature of 60° Fahrenheit minimum must be maintained in the space, before, during, and after installation
  2. all wet work has been completed and is dry
  3. painting of mounting surface has been completed
  4. all adjacent and related work of other trades has been completed including, but not limited to: architectural metal, gypsum drywall, plastering wall covering, painting, HVAC, sprinkler system, electrical work; all wiring, pipes, conduits, studs, Unistruts, etc. must be installed/secured at least 2 inches above NEWMAT ceiling height and no sharp objects (rods, metal, etc.) can be left unprotected within 2 feet above ceiling height
    for ceiling areas in excess of 400 square feet, and for all ceilings with a gloss finish, all penetrations for lights, sprinklers, registers, etc. must be adjustable in height by at least 6″, either in their design or in the design of their support
  5. ambient temperature and humidity to be maintained at values that approximate those of occupancy (HVAC system must be shut down at time of ceiling membrane installation)


A. Field measure each ceiling/wall area on which the rail is to be installed.
B. Secure profiles on the perimeter of each area (level or curved to accommodate design) using the following means:
on semi-soft materials (i.e., gypsum drywall, plaster, wood), 1″ pneumatically driven coated staples not more than 1.5 inches on center
on hard materials (i.e., concrete, brick, ceramic tile, marble/stone, steel, aluminum, etc.), 3/16″ aluminum rivets, Tapcon screws, and/or self taping screws not more than 4 inches on center.
C. Stretch custom fabricated membrane by “hooking” the harpoon into the rail using NEWMAT spatulas and technique combined with a heat source in order to make the membrane stretchable (flexible).
D. Install reinforcement rings on site using NEWMAT cold-weld adhesive for all penetrations.


A. Wipe down profiles and ceiling membrane upon completion of installation with damp white cloth or with Fantastic and/or denatured alcohol if necessary.

Download Word Doc.