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NEW/PERF Perforated Ceilings & Walls

NEWMAT offers a perforated product line.

Each of the NEWMAT membranes, in any available color and finish, can be quickly perforated with one of our three standard perforations, namely Micro-perforation, Perforation 2, and Perforation 3.

Our membranes can also be perforated with a wide variety of custom perforations; a six-week lead time is required for this option.

NEW/PERF membranes can be used for:

  • Acoustical performance,
  • Backlit installations with or without the addition of NEW/LIGHT translucent membrane,
  • Air transfer when the application involves quick changes in air pressure,
  • Achieving the look of perforated metal without the weight and cost of metal, in addition to being able to create much larger monolithic areas than metal systems.