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About NEWMAT NorCal

NEWMAT NorCal is a union contractor specializing in acoustical treatments and decorative finishes. Newmat’s sister company, George Family Enterprises NorCal (GFE), has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1979. We promote a fair and safe workplace for our employees and clients. In addition to California, we are licensed as a General and Acoustical contractor in Louisiana, and Virginia (including the contiguous states outside of CA). We are also signatory to the Carpenters Unions in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Delaware and Illinois. Through these unions our crews can work anywhere in the United States and Canada. Additionally, we have worked on public, private and high end retail projects in Europe, Asia, Australia and Guam.

Many of our installers have over 20 years experience in interior finish, and are fully trained and licensed in the installation of NEWMAT, Clipso, Eurospan, and Snap-Tex. They are always very professional and courteous and take pride in their work which produces a high quality product.

We are proud to endorse and install NEWMAT Stretch Ceiling and Wall Systems. NEWMAT is a flexible PVC material invented in Sweden over 30 years ago, originated to repair old damaged plaster ceilings. Over the years it has evolved into an acoustical and aesthetic application that can be custom made to fit any size or shaped ceiling or wall. It can also be used in a decorative manner to conform to any custom fixed or floating geometric or radius shapes. The ceiling can be made to be opaque, acoustical or translucent, or enhanced with digitally reproduced graphics and pictures.

A few of our prestigious projects in the San Francisco Bay Area include SFMOMA, Pac Bell Park, Nortel Networks, W Hotel, UC Berkeley Dining and Student Athlete Center, Nob Hill Spa, Apple Computer Retail Stores (worldwide) and many more.

Please see a gallery and list of local Newmat projects by clicking here.

NEWMAT SAS, located in Haubourdin, France is the headquarters and main production facility for the worldwide network of installers stretching over 50 countries and 6 continents. Since inception in 1984, they have grown to be one of the leading stretched ceiling and wall suppliers and installers in the world.

Over the last 35 years, we have built relationships with suppliers in every industry giving us the versatility to build your creation choosing from the right material to suit your specific needs. From backlighting to custom shapes and forms, we welcome any challenge.